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Some of the best career to choose

Shaji Lekshmanan
The armed forces offer a glorious as well as exciting career option. Life in the defence services means something more than just pursuing any other regular job. To be an office in any of the three services, Army, Air force, or Navy, apart from your academic excellence, you must posses leadership qualities, motivating spirit, strong determination, intelligence, control of nerves, physical stamina. In a nutshell, your personality should reflect offices like qualities to succeed the rigorous tests that one has to undergo before being selected as an officer in the armed forces.

Chartered Accontant is a rewarding and high profile career. It not only equips you with the necessary knowledge and technical skills in this particular field, but also develops managerialoutlook if you to handle even the most critical problems. At the same time, this profession is quite challenging, lucrative as well as prestigious. Placements are not only available in top-notch management hierarchy but also in most of the corporate office, goverment and international organisations. For those who want to go in for self-employment, there is ample scope and suitable rewards for setting up their own establishments for professional practice or consultancy services.

A Company Secretary has been recognised by various enactments as one of the principle officers of the company. The knowledge and training acquired by him makes him versatile to carry out various functions in finance, accounts, legal, administrative and personnel area in addition to his own secretarial duties and responsibilties. In fact, his role starts from the very moment when the idea of formation of a company is conceived. As such his responsibilities may vary from company to company.

In today's fast developing technology, growing industralisation and modernisation, 'engineering' holds a prominent place as few other professions do. Engineering is and will continue to remain one of the prospective professions. Unlike many other areas, Engineering requires special kind of interest and aptitude to be successful. Who is an engineer? You may ask. "One who design or makes engines or machinery: professional who managesa ship's engine: one who constructs or manages millitary works and engines, one who designs or constructs public works, such as roads railways sewers, bridges, harbours, canals, and the like: a soldier of a division of any army called Engineers, concerned with entrenching, road making, and other constructive work.

Fashion is a buzz word today. With the growing fashion conciousness among masses, in general, and the rapid developments taking place in electronic and print media highlighting the fashion events day in and day out, in particular, Fashion has become one of the sought after career options

At the present rate of growth of Indian Tourism, the future for those attempting to make a career in Hotel Management is extremely bright. The Department of Tourism expects that by the end of this century, the annual requirement for hotel rooms will be around one lakh- signifying a sizeable increase in the number of hotels and skilled personnel required to run them.

The Civil Services are the backbone of the Indian government machinery as it constitutes of all the departments which runs the state administration. The constitutional machinery of India works on the gears of the civil services. It has been an integral part of the Indian Governance system for almost a century now. The British set up this system to aid them in governing this vast country (hence the similarity with the British governance system). Young men (and women though they made their appearance in this area at a much later stage!), vied to be a part of this service. Post-independence too, the Civil Services remained one of the most coveted areas for work.

Today, IT has become indispensable for any walk of life. We need to have the power of information and utilise the advancements of technology in true sense, to be on the winning edge. There had been a rapid growth in the field of IT enabled services. These shall result in a tremendous surge in the IT manpower requirement in the field of software development, system maintenence and IT usage in various sectors

Today, Law as a profession has become quite glamorous. But success in this profession requires a lot of hard work and determination. The degree of competition that prevails in the profession is very high. A large no of law graduates complete law courses each year. They are allowed to enrol and practise coupled with the population explosion have contributed to the increase in problems in the indian society. This has initiated far-reaching changes in the legal system and there has been a spurt in litigation

Management, today,is not confined to the fore walls of the factory, it is indispensable everywhere whether it be a hospital, an education institution, goverment administration, army, agriculture, charitable institution, club, trade union, small business or even one's own is fast becoming the central source of development nations and the basic need of developing ones. Management has come to occupy a place of great prominence in modern society, even a layman who might have no knowledge of management is often found commenting: "The organisation is poorly managed"; There seems to be no management at all", "It is all mismanagement".

What does mass media or mass communication constitute? It includes newspapers, journals,periodicals, magazines, radio and television. Why is it important? It is indispensable to keep the masses aware of the latest happenings within and outside the country, to provide knowledge and entertainment. In a democratic country like ours it is all the more essential to keep ourselves abreast with the happening

Medicine, besides being one of the noble professions, continues to hold considerable attraction for students looking for respectable and lucrative jobs. It offers rewarding carrer opportunities both in service sector as well as in private practice. It affords you an opportunity to serve the people and make good earning. But the study of medicine is not an easy go. It involves almost burning your midnight oil during the 5 years course of your study. And equally difficult is getting admitted to the course particularly in view of the limited number of aspirants competing for these seats. Generally, the syllabus of the entrance examination for admission to the MBBS couse consists of subjects of Physics, chemistry and Biology at the Senior Secondary level. Certainly those who are career concious and start preparing for the entrance examination well in time generally have an upper edge and finally succeed in their aim

Merchant Navy,as it's very name connotes,is a commercial fleet handling cargo to far off countaries located in different directions of the globe. As the job involves travelling for considerably longer duration, the life of those who work in Merchant Navy is distinctly different from usual. Only those who have a great flair for such type of journeys by sea, remaining away from their homes for months, an adventurous career, besides possessing the requisite level of intelligence and qualification and a high senses of discipline are best suited for this field. Of course, the returns are quite lucrative. In addition to a good pay packet, food, entertainment, sports, and suchlike facilities are also provided.

Cheers !!