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How to start a career

Shaji Lekshmanan
Choosing your career is an important step because your future is at stake. It is generally observed that a large section of students are unaware of what they want to achieve in life. This amounts to a situation like boarding a train without knowing one's destination. Undoubtedly it may result in waste of precious time as well as money.

This underscores the need for setting a meaningful and attainable goal. In taking such a decision one must keep in mind one's qualification, interests, knowledge, experience, if any, attitude, potentialities, and existing trends in the job market. Knowing your weakness and strength enables you to set a meaningful and attainable goal.

The following guidelines may prove useful in making your career a success.

While academic merit is generally pivotal in making an entry into any career an individual's level of understanding, his application of knowledge and professional training are necessary. Personality and even one's outlook towards life is general and career, in particular, plays a significant role in ensuring continuous progress.

Success in your career in the new millennium nacessitates firm commitment, vision, managerial ability to solve problem at your place of work and continuous upgradation of professional skills in your field. This is besides competitive score in examination results and hard work.

To think and act big is indispensable to rise rapidly in your career.

Whatever be your choice, it is necessary to identify and explore the opportunities that are available.

To innovate and create opportunities for your career enhancement is also necessary

Success in realising your career dream to a large extent depends on own attitude which includes your sincerity and strong will to vigorously pursue your goal. First of all, you need to have a clear understanding of what you want to be. It must be your determination to fulfil the requirements that are needed to enable you achieve your goal. It means you have to acquire the required academic qualification followed by professional qualification and training in your particular field. Once you have these you will be able to compete.

Sucess also requires you to be self-disciplined, making optimum use of your time, being self-confident and having qualities of a professional. To rise rapidly on the career graph, there is a need not only to keep yourself abreast with what goes on around you nad in the outside world today but also to have the ability to visualise the likely future developments.