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General Issue : Outside Prespective

Prakash Lekshmanan
Hello Everyone,

I am active silent reader within all Kudumbi forums. Its been years pioneer geocities kudumbisevasangam been effective in terms of internet world. I have read thru most and all of the threads in kudumbisevsangam, orkut and other up coming internet sites. To be honest I am so happy to see people around and discussing issues within kudos in kerala. Its nice to see kudo people having internet visibility which according to me is that kudo people have improved the worldly awarness . Nice improved statitics.

Thru the site I got the awareness how/where KSS is functioning as a kudumbi community service. Its good to see the existence of KSS thru many years now and I believe many leaders who have passed thru KSS had ability to survey and establish the existence of our community.Good !

I have had some questions always running about the functioning about KSS.

1) Do KSS show accountablity to their visits to Delhi/Goa & TVM and other activities to the people via publishing it in their notice boards or new-paper?

2) Why do we have two Community Service like KSS and Federation even being a small tiny minority community in Kerala?Does it serve any purpose to the upliftment of the community service?

3) I have seen Shaji donating money to KSS ? Is there any accountability and auditing done to see if it is used and reached for the correct purpose? It also does not mean Shaji has to crowned like King and made famous...

4) I always wondered why the leaders reach Goa? I always heard one of the current leaders saying 'Iam shining in Goa'?..oops we came from around 16th century to kerala according to books. What are they trying to acheive.? I understand reaching New Delhi and TVM..may be influence the politics..but why GOA?

5)Good thing what I heard about KSS is the recognition of the high scoring 10th class pupil.

Iam not definately sadistic about my community but Iam previliged and has great passion in bringing up new generation of youths. The past is gone & will be gone soon and hope to see the upliftment and yes it changed as you see kudo people already established in global premerier like Infosys,Wipro,IBM,CTS,Sathyam to name them few in IT and in Indian premerier establishment like ISRO as scientist. There are unseen(not know to kudos world) established and upcoming business men in Manufacturing/Departmental stores/Fisheries/IT

I have also come across students who are picked up professional courses in Engineering and Medicine which means and sense to us all that we are catching up and changing ourselves. I have also seen most of the kudo parents emphasisng and stressing on education unlike earlier.

To summarize we need a single unit of community service and a honest and diplomatic leader at this point of time to lead the community. Please any kudo please share your honest thoughts..

Thanks for reading and appreciate your valuable time..


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Re: General Issue : Outside Prespective

Santosh Kumar
     U sincere and updated  Perspective about the community is appreciated. We where an introverted community for many years (due to many socio-economic reasons). What ever u have pointed out is the prelude to the new social,educational and economical  developments which are happening in our community . We are growing in all walks of life.A small step for a great begining.....Again we need a integrated and philanthropic attitude also for the upliftment  of the many other less privileged . Discussion well continue.