Engineering & Medical Entrance Sample Test Papers

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Engineering & Medical Entrance Sample Test Papers

Shaji Lekshmanan
Dear Folks,

For those who are preparing for Kerala Engineering & Medical Entrance, I present free Engineering & Medical Entrance Sample Test Papers (Biology,Chemistry, Maths, Physics) . Please note that it takes a while to load the online test paper. Hence, be patient !!

Follow the following instructions to take free test online.

1. Register @
2.You can now attempt 4 sample tests for free
3.One each in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.
4.To do the tests, please login using the login ID and Password

Important Tips (Please read before attempting the test)
1.Do the test only if you can spare 50 minutes in one sitting.
2.The test once started cannot be paused.
3.A test once attempted, cannot be attempted again.
4.Test once attempted can only be viewed for answers and hints.

How to do the tests
1.Login using your login ID and password.
2.As soon as you login, you will see a pop-up test catalogue. (If no pop-up blocker )
3.If you have installed a pop-up blocker, then click on click here to view all the available tests to view all the tests.
4.As a free user, you can only access the sample tests in the top most section.
5.Click on the Add me link on the right side of the test to add the test.
6.Go back to the home page
7.The test is now added.
8.To do the test click on the  sign on right side of the test.

To make multiple attempts, please contact me at

To check how the sample papers look:
Username: kudumbi
Password: welcome

Wish you good luck !!